Frankie ... off to pastures new in Bonny Scotland

When somebody thinks you are the one for them, they’re prepared to do some serious miles!  We are thrilled that the lovely Frankie has found her new forever home across the border in Bonny Scotland!  Frankie was lucky enough to have wowed one of our previous owners and has made her way up to start a fresh.  Good luck Frankie, I’m sure you will be just as adored as Indiana and Jake were too.


Zara has found her new home and she couldn't be happier!

Zara, now Missy, managed to be in and out of kennels in an absolute flash at the New Year.  She very quickly caught the eye of one of our previours Rescuers and bagged herself a brand new home with a ready made brother, Piper the Ridgeback, to play with.  The two got along instantly and the little madam had pride of place on the sofa before the day was out!  It’s lovely to see her living the life she deserves, running about playing and reaping the rewards that her wonderful temperament brings.  Good girl Missy – behave yourself you furry little monkey trousers!


Marlin has a new daddy ... and you'd never know he'd ever lived anywhere else!

Merlin now goes EVERYWHERE with his new guardian Graham – and especially loves to ride shotgun in the car!  The two of them are inseparable and you can see the love they have for one another quite clearly.  They are already like an old married couple … I guess some things are just meant to be.  Graham and Merlin invited Julie, Tyler and Kerry down for a visit last month and it was an absolute joy to see.  A cup of tea for us and countless gingersnaps for Merlin … you lucky lad!


Rex - the cheeky monkey won his foster carers round!

Rex didn’t do very well in kennels so it was great news when we were able to find him a foster home while he looked for his new family, however ….. as is often the way, Rex’s temporary foster-home simply couldn’t part with the big soppy lump and decided instead that they should be his new Forever Home.  His paws now firmly under their table, Rex has already enjoyed holidays away and trips in the Motorhome.  What a lucky lad.


Jake - old doesn't mean finished ... it means extra lovable

Jake came to us in a sorry state … 13 year’s old, poor on his legs and with a terrible breathing problem.  We were so relieved when we were able to find a new family for Jake but honestly, he wasn’t in the best shape so we didn’t know how long he would have.  Well, it just goes to show what the power of love can do for you!  Jake has a new lease of life, is back on his feet trotting about  happily and has made friends with all his new family … including a staff, four house cats and even a horse!!!  Last week, he celebrated his 14th birthday .. happy birthday Jake, we love you to the moon and back.


Rocky and Gazelle - the original "we want to be together" couple

Rocky and Gazelle came to us as a pair … boyfriend and girlfriend if you will.  They were 10 years old and not in the best state but we soon got them into a better physical condition, and sorted out the vet care Gazelle needed.  Having been a pair all of their lives, we were keen that they should stay together as the married couple they truly seemed to be.  Rocky and Gazelle eventually found a home where they could indeed be together to live out their days in warmth and comfort.  We can’t do anything about their pasts, but with your help, we made sure their future was one they deserved.  Some of them steal your heart as well as your biscuits!

Kampala - the only thing bigger than his appetite is his heart

When Kampala came to us, he was a BIG lad.  He had a big voice, and an even bigger waistline and guarded his kennel for all it was worth.  However, it soon became apparent that Kampala was just a big soft ginger cuddle bunny and any excuse he could find, he’ be on your lap ready to steal your affection.  After a month or so, the weight started to come off and the real ginger ninja shone through.  Kampala  found his new home where he could be spoilt and adored in equal measure, way down south where clotted cream teas are plentiful … I just hope his waistline doesn’t return to its former glory!  Kampala, I know how you love your food so watch that figure my darling!