It is a sad fact that the more we love them, the harder it is to let them go. It is said that the hardest part of having a dog in your life is the goodbye … and I for one couldn’t disagree with that sentiment (in fact, I often wonder why we put ourselves through it time and time again … and then I look at those faces and think that a life without them in it would simply not be a life at all). Each and every furry heart that passes through our care is loved, whether they make it to the extra special time in life of that silver frosting on their faces, or if they manage to race through their lives in double-quick time; we still remember and miss each of them uniquely.

Run free, fly high and catch the wind my darlings – know you were prized and adored beyond belief by all of us here at Ridgeback Rescue, and of course by those who’s lives you came to share … Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being YOU xxx

Indiana & Jake xx

Indiana and Jake were rescued together, lived together and very sadly left for Rainbow Bridge just 3 weeks apart. 

It seems that some partnerships just can’t be broken.  You were in separable in life and your hearts can now fly together for eternity. 

Sleep tight and watch over Rowena as she watched over you xx

Gazelle xx

Gazelle came to us with her “long-time boyfriend” Rocky.  They were 10 years old and had never been apart, having raised several litters together.  When they arrived, they weren’t in the best of health but we got them the care they needed and showered them with the affection they had never had until we were able to get them a home together.  

To see them resting side by side in the warmth and comfort of a new home was a joy but sadly their remaining time together was all too fleeting and Gazelle passed away in the arms of her new owner just a week later with Rocky by her side as always.  

The hearts of all the Rescue Trustees, Bryan her new owner and Rocky her partner are broken, but knowing they spent their last moments together is worth its weight in gold.  Fly high princess.  We will miss you sweetheart xxx