It is a sad fact that the more we love them, the harder it is to let them go. It is said that the hardest part of having a dog in your life is the goodbye … and I for one couldn’t disagree with that sentiment (in fact, I often wonder why we put ourselves through it time and time again … and then I look at those faces and think that a life without them in it would simply not be a life at all). Each and every furry heart that passes through our care is loved, whether they make it to the extra special time in life of that silver frosting on their faces, or if they manage to race through their lives in double-quick time; we still remember and miss each of them uniquely.

Run free, fly high and catch the wind my darlings – know you were prized and adored beyond belief by all of us here at Ridgeback Rescue, and of course by those who’s lives you came to share … Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being YOU xxx



THOR - our Mighty Norse God

Darling Thor came to us through the wonderful staff at the Rain Rescue Dog Pound.  Found as a stray and handed in to Rain Rescue, they in turn contacted us knowing that, as a Breed Specific Organisation, we’d be more suited to finding just the right home for our big guy.  In September 2014, Thor “emigrated” to Yorkshire and took up residence with Violet and his other furry pals.  He lived out the entirity of the rest of his life as Violet’s special companion and we know what an enormal hole he leaves, both physically and emotionally.  Running free over Rainbrow bridge on 7th April, 2020, Thor will be missed, adored and loved by us all forever.   Sleep tight big fella xxx

ROXY - You touched so many and will never be forgotten

Roxy Angela2
Roxy angela

When you work with Rescue, things don’t always go the way you hope. You try so hard and pull every string in the orchestra to try to ensure a happy ending but sometimes, the dogs who come through are simply too damaged to make it safely out the other side. They often come to us with background or history unknown. In these circumstances, we pick up the pieces and try our best to put the jigsaw back together, but we can never really know what they may have been through or the life they were subjected to before they landed at our door. This was true of Roxy who got under the skin of all of us here at Rescue, and I know got into all of your hearts last year too … dumped on the streets of Liverpool, very poorly, hideously underweight and clearly without any understanding of what it was even to play with a toy. Today, I have the heartbreaking task of sharing the end of her story with you, in the words of Angela and Alan themselves, who stepped in when she needed us the most. Run Free darling girl, Fly High and Catch the Wind   

“Our hearts are broken.

Roxy came to us in September and settled in well. She was lactating when she was found so had either had pups or was recovering from a phantom pregnancy. She was incredibly weak, in a very poor condition and horribly underweight but was loving and adored a cuddle on your lap. She settled in and started to relax and discover her new home and family. Her health improved and she gained weight. She came into season and everything was normal until week 3 when her hormones kicked in and her temperament changed.

With fantastic support from Ridgeback Rescue, our Vet and a behaviourist, a plan of action was agreed and she was medicated appropriately. Our best efforts were challenged again when her season was closely followed by a phantom pregnancy. After 5 weeks of intensive medication to control her hormone levels and stop the phantom pregnancy, she was finally spayed.

Throughout this roller coaster of hormones, anxiety and aggression we worked to minimise her perceived threats and reassure her that she was safe. We celebrated every bit of progress and worked harder when we had set backs.

We understood that sometimes a dog can be so damaged by past experiences that it’s impossible to reverse the impact of abuse and neglect but we’d done this before and as optimists we tried everything in our power to help her learn that she was safe and protected. Her anxiety was so great that she couldn’t deal with anything or anyone outside the safety and confines of her new home. She loved us both and we were her world.

A number of serious incidents confirmed that she had an unpredictable hair trigger, and we’re indebted to the Ridgeback Rescue Trustees for their unwavering support and helping us in making the devastating decision to let her go.

She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on our terms, but we’re totally heartbroken. We talked to her gently, stroked and held her till her last breath. She knew she was loved.

Our love, thanks and respect to all those who were involved in her rescue and who generously supported the appeal to fund her treatment.

For every Roxy there are dozens of other Ridgebacks in need of your love and support, in her memory, please help Ridgeback Rescue continue their amazing work to help other Ridgebacks become the happy dog Roxy tried so desperately hard to be.

Alan and Angela x”

DIWA .... you will be missed and remembered forever


Look at that face.  That’s the way I will always remember you.  You came as a pair and we moved heaven and earth to make sure it stayed that way.  You and Billie made the perfect team and I know Billie continues to bring the light of love into her new family’s lives every day.  

Until we meet again precious girl .. fly  high and catch the wind xx

JAKE ... your last few years were your best

When you came to us you were so old and poorly and we really didn’t think that time was on your side but WHAT A DIFFERENCE that sheer love and care can make.  You soon took to your new family in all its species and fit right in.  Im sure your last years were your very best life and for that, I will always be grateful.  

Run Free handsome lad.  The oldies are always special .. and some are even more special than others.

Sleep tight Jake xx

Jake horses

AMBA ... fly high sweet girl


When beautiful Amba came to us, she came as a pair.  A team of a twosome who took comfort in one another and needed to stay together.  Of course, we found them a wonderful home with previous Rescue owners that we knew would take them both and give them the lives they deserved.  Sadly, Mother Nature decided that their time together should come to an end and our darling Amba gained her wings.

She will never be forgotten and every beat in our hearts will be like a wag of that gorgeous tail.  

MIMI ..... they are all special, but some grab your heart

Petra n mimi3
petra n mimi

Mimi was a special girl – special with her needs and special with the size of her heart.  She was just the sweetest girl and everybody fell in love with her whether they wanted to or not.  She had not had the best start but the home she “landed” was nothing short of perfection.  All her medical requirements were met.  All her needs in the loving department were fulfilled in spades and she lived in the lap of luxury (I often joked that Mimi should come and live at my house and I would move in with her new owners instead!!).  Mimi took part in our charity video and was, of course, a natural star.  She was also the poster girl for one of our best selling products the “Mimi Bag” which featured a pencil drawing of her on the front.  She was, simply, just one of those dogs who don’t come along very often.  She was … OUR MIMI.  Run free gorgeous – your fan club  has never wavered xxx


Our Gentle Giant:

I adopted beautiful Leo in March of 2013.  He died aged 12 years and 7 months and will never be forgotten.  

….. Yvonne Bollington x


Jasper has gained his Rainbow wings x

Fran, Eric, Bill and Kate rescued Jasper in Nov 2011.

“We are sad to report that jasper crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday, surrounded by his family. He had many health issues being an old dog but he had a happy home with us.
He loved to clean out the yoghurt tubs and would sit staring and drooling at whoever was eating the last of the yoghurt. He was adept at holding the tub in his paws so he could get his whole face in there!
The other picture is his first Christmas with us when he met our son for the first time. They became firm friends and jasper enjoyed walks with ‘Runny’ whenever he was home from university.

RIP good dog Jasper” 

To know that Jasper had a good life, and reached a fabulous old age, is all we could ever ask.  Our sympathies go to the whole family who are missing Jasper like mad xxx

Hendrix .... our wonderful traveller has made his final journey x

It is with deep sadness that we received a message from Andy telling us that his beloved Rescue Ridgeback Hendrix had passed away in the early hours of 1st July.

Hendrix was 12 years old, so he lived a good life, 8 of which he spent with his beautiful new family. Hendrix loved to meet new dogs (as long as there were not too small to play with) and people. He accompanied us on our travels, in the end visiting 27 countries. In virtually all of these countries someone would offer to take him off our hands because of his character and temperament. When my mother had to move into a nursing home 2 years ago, Hendrix became a popular visitor with the residents.

My lasting memory will be off Hendrix sitting on the seat in our motorhome, head resting on a cushion looking through the window at places we drove through, often getting reactions from vehicles that passed us on the road. 



Andy Barthorpe


Run free, fly high and catch the wind darling Hendrix … now free to travel the world without barriers or passports. 

All our love 
Ridgeback Rescue x

Indiana & Jake xx

Indiana and Jake were rescued together, lived together and very sadly left for Rainbow Bridge just 3 weeks apart. 

It seems that some partnerships just can’t be broken.  You were in separable in life and your hearts can now fly together for eternity. 

Sleep tight and watch over Rowena as she watched over you xx

Gazelle xx

Gazelle came to us with her “long-time boyfriend” Rocky.  They were 10 years old and had never been apart, having raised several litters together.  When they arrived, they weren’t in the best of health but we got them the care they needed and showered them with the affection they had never had until we were able to get them a home together.  

To see them resting side by side in the warmth and comfort of a new home was a joy but sadly their remaining time together was all too fleeting and Gazelle passed away in the arms of her new owner just a week later with Rocky by her side as always.  

The hearts of all the Rescue Trustees, Bryan her new owner and Rocky her partner are broken, but knowing they spent their last moments together is worth its weight in gold.  Fly high princess.  We will miss you sweetheart xxx