THEMBA ... Fit, healthy and stunningly beautiful!

  • Sadly, Themba’s owners are having to give her up and they are absolutely devastated about it but the situation is unfortunately unavoidable.
  • Themba is a beautiful 4 year old girl, spayed, vaccinated and absolutely stunning.
  • She is good with other dogs but CANNOT be homed where there is anything small and fluffy running about so cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs etcs are all a definite no-no for Miss Themba Im afraid as she would most certainly make it her mission to catch them!
    * Her recall is very good.
    * She walks nicely on the lead and stays close while on her walks. 
    * She is great with people and children.

    Themba is currently carrying a couple of “war wounds” as the dogs with whom she is currently “lodging” have had a bit of a pop at her and so she cannot stay in her current temporary abode – this has left her with a couple of patches of missing fur, but this will soon grow back and leave no evidence to detract from her beauty. 

    Themba is very keen on sheep so whoever becomes her guardian would need to make sure she is always on the lead whenever she is around livestock.  Obviously, this is something we would all strive to do as a matter of course but it is doubly important that Themba is never given the opportunity to brush up on her sheepdog skills.

    Themba has lived with another Ridgeback in the past and we would be happy for her to do so again or equally happy should she start a new life as an “only dog”.  She adores human company so being alone with her guardian would be perfectly fine for her. 

MARLEY - (RESERVED) - Wahoo, Marley has potentially found his forever home and will be away to Bonny Scotland this week fingers crossed!

* Marley is a big strong boy and though he’s 10 years old, he’s still very much loving life and up for pretty much anything.  He’s very fit and still like to jog with his current owners.

* Marley is looking for a home with somebody who is going to be there pretty much all of the time.  

* He lived with a bitch from whom he was inseparable but we really feel he needs a home where he can be the only dog to lavish his affections on his new family.

* He has never lived with cats and his girlfriend was not keen so we think he has probably learned this habit from her.  For this reason, a cat-free home would be a better idea.

* Marley is used to living with children and adores their company but, as per our policy, children of any prospective owners would need to be older than 10 years of age.

* Marley is good with all the dogs that he knows but his owner tells us that if he is challenged, he would certainly not back down or be a push-over.  His owners tend to keep him on his lead, away from new dogs, just in case such a challenge arises but he feels with the right introductions, meeting and getting to know new friends shouldn’t be a problem.  With such a powerful lad we need to take this seriously and so we would be looking for a home with somebody who has knowledge of Ridgebacks and large breeds.

* Marley and his recent lady friend lived in their own extension to the property and while this is not really a kennel, it is separate from the main home.

He would be left for long periods while his owners were out and had the occasional accident but now that he is in kennels with regular opportunities to leave his kennel, he is clean so we feel his is pretty much 100% toilet trained.  

He is currently in kennels with us here at Rescue in Chesterfield after his owners’ circumstances changed necessitating the surrender of Marley, which has broken their hearts entirely.  

Any prospective owner is welcome to come and visit him in our kennels to see if he is the right dog for you.


** Marley is very fit and very strong and not a typical 10 year old. 
** He needs to be an only dog
** He is not keen on cats, so a cat-free home would be best
** He needs an experienced, knowledgeable owner
** He deserves a whole lotta love 
** Marley will need a handler who is strong and fit, just in case he needs to be held should a dog lunge aggressively at him (he’s fine if he sees small dogs and also unphased if he sees other dogs who are well mannered).

If you would like to consider Marley, please download a Potential Owner’s form from the website.  You can meet Marley in person at our Kennels too if it looks like you would be a good match for him.

Initially we will go though our waiting list to find new homes for all rescue dogs. If you aren’t on our waiting list already but do want to be considered for rehoming a dog, please register by filling out our Potential Owner’s form.

It is worth noting that while we do our absolute best to give as much information as we can, and an honest opinion of all dogs that need re-homing, it must be stressed that all too often details which accompany these recycled Ridgebacks can be sketchy at best and sometimes incorrect.  

On re-homing, every one of our dogs comes with five weeks free pet insurance from Agria Pet Insurance