Barbara and Genghis_a

Genghis and Barbara will need to be rehomed together in an effort to ease the continuity of their care.  Sadly, the owner’s situation has changed necessitating a change in location where the dogs cannot go, hence the heart-breaking decision to leave them behind.  

Genghis is aged 9 years.  Barbara is 4 years and is a little anxious passing dogs when on the lead, but when introduced to them off the lead she is perfectly friendly.

They have lived with children  who they are very attached to, and are very gentle with them.  They have also lived with a cat.  In an effort to keep things as “normal” as possible for them, our first choice would be a home where both children and cats are part of the family.

If you would like to be considered as a possible adoptive family for this latest pair, please download a potential owner’s form, stipulating that you are interested in the pair of new dogs on the site added on 9th January.  We will consider every enquiry and add further information to this page as and when we get it.

If you would like to rehome any of our dogs, or if you would just like to be added to our Potential Owner’s List so we already have your details if the right dog comes in to fit your needs, then please fill out a potential owner’s form with all your information and if your circumstances are a match for what one of our dogs requirements, we will be in touch … we are I suppose merely glorified match-makers and it’s our aim to get each of our dogs the right home, first time around.  Thank you so much for considering adoption of one of our hounds as a possibility for your family.  

To download a potential owner’s form, please click on the Adoption tab at the top of the page.