CURRENTLY we have no dogs awaiting Rescue homes

This is great news, though we know it's only a matter of time before another pair of soul-searching eyes stare up at us begging for help. Just because we have happy endings all round today, doesn't mean tomorrow will bring the same good news so, if you are hoping to rehome a Rescue Ridgeback, please do check back regularly and fill out a form in advance from our Adoption section of the drop down menu above.

If you would like to rehome any of our dogs, please fill out a potential owner’s form with all your information and if your circumstances are a match for what one of our dogs needs, we will be in touch … we are I suppose merely glorified match-makers and it’s our aim to get each of our dogs the right home, first time around.  Thank you so much for considering adoption of one of our hounds as a possibility for your family.  

To download a potential owner’s form, please click on the Adoption tab at the top of the page.