Our supporters are just THE BEST! Seemingly never afraid to get involved in anything we throw at them – no matter how crazy it might be – and the Hand Sanitiser Challenge is just the latest of our mad projects.

Enjoy the lighter side of Corona Virus … and wash those paws!!!



RR Club of Scotland Virtual Walk in aid of Rescue

Walkies with the RR Club of Scotland

This wonderful idea comes from the fab folk at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland. Due to all the social distancing guidelines in place just now, the RR Club of Scotland have a plan to bring us all together on a “virtual” dog walk.

So, this Sunday (10th May) wherever you walk your dog, please take a picture, with or without their human, and post it on to their FB wall for them to feature in their virtual dog walk gallery.  When you post it, if you can make a little donation by PayPal at rrcs@live.co.uk, that would be amazing.

All the monies collected will be split evenly between Ridgeback Rescue and the RRWT (Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust), so not only will we be able to enjoy all of your fabulous hounds … but you’ll be doing something incredible to help both our breed Rescue’s at a time when we really are up against it.

As always, we are praying you will get behind us and shower the Club with photos of your dogs from all around the UK and far beyond too (no Ridgeback is excluded, no matter where in the globe they may be).

Thank you to all of you, and of course to the RRCS as well. xxx


The Lockdown of 2020 caused by the Corona Virus really did take the wind out of our sails but as ever, the supporters of Ridgeback Rescue refused to see anything but a silver lining and soon got behind us to produce yet another mad-cap video.

So, without further ado, I give you the Lockdown Loo Roll Challenge – featuring our wonderful supporters and their dogs, from many corners of the globe ……….. thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Click here for the Lockdown Loo Roll Challenge Video

Stay safe

The Trustees

RESCUE FUNDAY 2021 – best day of the year​

We are currently taking requests from stall holders, catering vans and ride providers. Should you wish to book a slot for your business to be at the show in September, please email:- Julie@RidgebackRescue.co.uk


Click here for your message from The Yorkshire Vet

Our Rescue Funday which had been scheduled for September 2020 has sadly had to be cancelled due to Covid 19. We hoped we would get away with it but with all the shifting sands of regulations, I felt we had no choice but to postpone.

So, NEW DATE FOR YOUR DIARY is Sunday 23rd May at 11.00 am

All details otherwise are the same and lovely Julian Norton has still kindly agreed to come along and meet you all.

ANYBODY WISHING TO HAVE A STALL or to SPONSOR A CLASS OR ACTIVITY is still more than welcome so please do get in touch to book your space.

A Special Guest Judge for our 2021 Rescue Funday:

JULIAN NORTON (aka The Yorkshire Vet), has kindly agreed to attend and be our judge for the day!!!! So, if you would like to meet Julian in person and, potentially, be able to say that “YOUR DOG was the one the Judge would most like to take home”, then you better be in it to win it!

Our show will take place in Malton, North Yorkshire, on Sunday 23rd May, 2021 – entry to the show itself is free, but classes and games are chargeable on the day with each dog entered into the show getting his or her own number on a special Funday Rescue keyring to keep 😉

We will have stalls, merchandise, refreshments and a licensed bar. To keep both you, the kids and your dogs entertained, we will also be hosting lots of fun classes and activities such as our ever popular flat and hay-bale scurries, egg and spoon race for dog & handler teams, fastest sausage eater competition (for the dog, not you!), temptation alley, agility demonstration and Have-A-Go agility. Inter-spaced with all the fun and games throughout the day, we will also be running a companion show with classes including: best puppy, best rescue, most beautiful eyes, prettiest bitch, most handsome dog, best ridge and of course the coveted class of “the dog the judge would most like to take home”, for which The Yorkshire Vet will be our Judge for the day.

At the end of the day, all games and show class winners will come into the main ring and compete for BEST IN SHOW 2021.

So please come along one and all – bring your gazebos, chairs and picnic baskets. We’d love to see as many of you there as possible – all breeds are welcome and all proceeds will go directly to Ridgeback Rescue to help us continue the support and rescue work we undertake each year.

If you are unable to come but would like to sponsor one of our classes or donate a prize for the raffle, we’d love to hear from you either on messenger or email at Kerry@RidgebackRescue.co.uk.

Thank you for your support. We’re gunna have a ball!


During this very scary time, Reggie Ridgeback has decided to step up and send us a message each day – they can be helpful, funny, cheeky or constructive but they are all intended to be uplifting.  If you have any questions for Reggie, let us know and we’ll see if we can get him to answer them.  He started from day 9 of the Corona Lockdown so click the list below to hear what our golden boy has to say

Reggies Message Day 9

Reggies Message Day 10

Reggies Message Day 11

Reggies Message Day 12

Reggies Message Day 13

Reggies Message Day 14

Reggies Message Day 15

Reggies Message Day 16

Reggies Message Day 17

Reggie & The Yorkshire Vet Message Day 18

Reggies Message Day 19

Reggies Message Day 20

Reggies Message Day 21

Reggies Message Day 22

Reggies Message Day 23

Hmmmm now where on earth did Day 24 go?? Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reggies Message Day 25

Reggies Singing Message Day 26

Reggie’s Message Day 27

No Reggies Messages from 28, 29 & 30th days of Lockdown as Reggie had a few days off!

Reggies Message Day 31

Reggie’s Message Day 32

Reggie’s Message Day 33

Reggie’s Message Day 34 

Reggie’s Message Day 35

Reggie’s Message Day 36

Reggie’s Message Day 37

Reggie’s Message Day 38

Reggie’s Message on Captain Tom Day (D39)

Reggie’s Message Day 40

Reggie’s Message Day 41

Reggie’s Message Day 42 – Agony Uncle!

Reggie’s Message Day 43

Reggie’s Message Day 44 – The deer hunters!

Reggie’s Message Day 45

Reggie’s Message Day 46 – Agony Uncle Post Bag

Reggie’s Message Day 47 VE Day

Reggie’s Day 48 Message & Postbag

Reggie’s Message Day 49

Reggie’s Message Day 50

Reggie’s Message Day 51

Reggie’s Message Day 52

Reggie’s Message Day 53

Reggie’s Message Day 54

Reggie’s Message Day 55

Reggie’s Message Day 56

Reggie’s Message Day 57

Reggie’s Message Day 58

Reggie’s Message Day 59

Reggie’s Message Day 60 and farewell to Tau

Reggie’s Message Day 61

Reggie’s Message Day 62

Reggie’s Message Day 63

Reggie’s Message Day 64

Reggie’s Message Day 65

Reggie’s Message Day 66

Reggie’s Message Day 67

Reggie’s Message Day 69 (no Day 68 Im afraid)

Reggie’s Message Day 70

Reggie’s Message Day 71 – Tyler the Trustee’s 21st

Reggie’s Message Day 72 – The mammy’s birthday

Reggie’s Message Day 73

Reggie’s Message Day 74

Reggie’s Message Day 74 … again!

Reggie’s Message Day 75

Reggie’s Message Day 76 

Reggie’s Message Day 77

Reggie’s Message Day 78

Reggie’s Message Day 79

Reggie’s Message Day 80

Reggie’s Message Day 81

Reggie’s Message Day 82

Reggie’s Message Day 83

Reggie’s Message Day 84

Reggie’s Message Day 85

Reggie’s Message Day 86

No Message Day 87

Reggie’s Message Day 88

Reggie’s Message Day 89

Reggie’s Message Day 90

Reggie’s Message Day 91

Reggie’s Message Day 92

Reggie’s Message Day 93

Reggie’s Message Day 94

Reggie’s Message Day 95

Reggie’s Message Day 96

Reggie’s Message Day 97

Reggie’s Message Day 98

Reggie’s Message Day 99

Reggie’s Message Day 100 … last one so tek care

Exchange Students! Here’s Geordie George

Geordie George & the egg 

Geordie George & the Metaldetectorist

Geordie George & Dice under the bed

Geordie Georges’s Tribute to Jack Charlton

Geordie George says ByeBye

Vladimir Comes to Yorkshire

IT’S PUB QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!!!!​

Join us this Friday for Ridgeback Rescue’s Pub Quiz:

The Ridgeback Arms welcomes you to our Lockdown COMPLETELY FREE Pub Quiz, OPEN TO ALL – wherever you may be in the globe. We have space for the first 50 Teams who would like to take part. The “Pub” will be open from 7:45 pm on Fridays, and questions start at 8pm UK time, so make sure you are nice and early to pour your drink at the bar, as once all 50 places are taken, the doors will be closed lol.

If you would like to take part on your PC or Laptop, you will need to have Google Chrome installed, then simply type the following link into the address bar to access the session:


If you would like to take part on your tablet or mobile device, you will need to have the 8×8 Video Meetings app installed. Once done, just use the link above to gain access to “The Ridgeback Arms”.

To play the Pub Quiz you will need:

Team Name
Pen & Paper
Alcohol or beverage of your choice
Sense of humour

Best of luck …….. and see you at the Pub!


Is hunting your dog’s favourite hobby? Is their prey-drive a constant battle for you? If it is, then this course is for you.

This is the ONLY workshop of it’s type in the UK. It is long-awaited and as such tickets will go ridiculously quickly so please don’t hang about to book your slot (on either the Saturday or the Sunday) thinking that September is such a long time away. I guarantee, only those who book ASAP will be lucky enough to get a place as numbers are limited.

So, what is Predation Substitute Training?

Predation Substitute Training is basically a new way of managing your dog’s predatory behaviour.  Is HUNTING your dog’s favourite hobby? Instead of spoiling the fun, why not go hunting together! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could find a way to use the huge amount of motivation and pleasure that our dogs find in predation for our training and to intensify our relationship with our dogs? Most conventional training programs aim to interrupt and stop the dog’s predatory behaviour, either by a recall or by conditioned pain or fear. Inflicting fear or pain is unethical and the interruption of predatory behaviour by a positively established recall is often not really very successful. The problem common to both methods is that they work against the dog’s nature and what they actually want at that moment: to go for a hunt! Predation is an inner need that makes our dogs happy. Completely suppressing it is like putting a lid on a pot with boiling water: It only increases the pressure.

In our workshop we are going to focus on the theory and to then go forward and practice on:

• What is predation, why do dogs love to prey and why is predatory behaviour so hard to interrupt?

• How can we achieve that our dogs stop and control themselves instead of chasing after the game?

• How can we functionally reinforce our dogs by naming and announcing rewards?

• How can we find ways to practice predatory sequences together with our dogs in a controlled and safe environment?
Please note: Wildlife safety is a top priority in this training! It is forbidden to chase wild animals and disturb them. During our workshop we stay on forest and country trails and secure the dogs with a longline all the time.

Brought to you by one of the UK’s top trainers.
Devised & written by one of German’s top trainers.
ALL profits going directly to Ridgeback Rescue.




The YORKSHIRE VET is now Rescue's Patron

Please join us in welcoming the lovely Julian Norton to our team here at Ridgeback Rescue.  Julian, who I’m sure many of you will recognise straight away “off the telly” has very graciously accepted our invitation to become the new Patron of Ridgeback Rescue.  Although we cover the entire length and breadth of the UK, we are very definitely Yorkshire folk at heart and there was simply nobody who could fit the bill to be our Patron better than TV’s brilliant “Yorkshire Vet”.  Julian is still very much a real vet, practising for his North Yorkshire clients from his Boroughbridge surgery and so we are very grateful indeed that he has accepted our invitation to be one of our number.

Thank you Julian.  We very much look forward to working with you in the future.

Chairman – Ridgeback Rescue


THE BARKNESS Charity Video 2019

Well, we started this about 6 years ago now with our very first Charity Video, when Queen (yes, literally the real rock band!!!) gave us permission to use “You’re My Best Friend” to create a charity video.  It went down so well, we tried again a couple of years later and came up with “(I’m Gunna Be) – 500 Miles” by the Proclaimers.  This time, we all had a slightly better idea of what we were doing so it turned out GREAT!  (here’s the link to that one in case you never saw it.  Just click the following link:-      Proclaimers Charity Video     )

Now then, 3rd time lucky!  Do you want to be in the 2019 Charity Video for Ridgeback Rescue? This year we are covering “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by the Darkness and we have been fortunate enough to have a track performed just for us by THE BARKNESS.  The lads have done a sterling job and we sincerely hope you will get into the spirit of this truly classic rock song.

So, what do you have to do?  Well, simply click on the link to donate £5 to book your place in the video line up.
(Click this link:-    Be In The Video)  

Remember to write in the comment field that your donation is for THE BARKNESS so we know you’re on our list AND leave a contact email so we can send you the link to the clip with your full instructions.

When we receive your donation you will be sent a link to the actual video track that has all of the lyrics on so you’ll know exactly what you’re singing.  Everybody who participates will be given an individual part of the track either to perform to (by lip synching) or by simply rocking out, displaying their best inner Rock God! The more spandex, leather, shades and air-guitar the better.

The idea is that you will be singing to your Ridgeback and hopefully, as much as possible, enacting the lyrics too, but don’t worry because full instructions will be sent to you when you donate.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SING!  When you send in your clips, we will mute ALL the sound from them and nobody else but the producer will  hear anything at all so please don’t worry about how you sound.

Please help us in creating the most fun charity video … it immortalises your dog for all time and is something you will never forget xx


We will be at CRUFTS, ringside this year, all day on “Hound Day”, Saturday 9th March, 2019.  Come along and meet the Rescue Team and have a natter, browse our merchandise and try your hand at “Pin the Ridge on the Ridgeback”.  Blindfolded, you will simply aim to attach a ridge as close as possible to where you see the real ridge on the picture  … closest ridge position wins!  It’s just £1 a go and the winner will receive one of our brand-spanking new polo shirts, fully embroidered with our New Name and Logo.

Roll Up and get your Selfie-Ridges!!! Ridges are now available to purchase for the great Ridgeback Rescue Selfie-Ridge competition. Attach one to your own back and take the best selfie you can posing with your hound. All ridges must be visible. Ridgeless hounds may of course wear a selfie Ridge if they too would like to take part. Pics must be posted on the original thread on the RidgebackRescue.co.uk FB page. Available to buy at Crufts for £5 or by post for £5+£1 p&p (all profits to Ridgeback Rescue) – photos to be submitted by the end of March – most likes wins 😉 winner will be announced on Mother’s” Day (31st March 19) FOR THOSE WISHING TO ORDER BY POST: You can pay through our PayPal Account the name of which is paypal.me/RidgebackRescue, and just put in your postal address in the comments field when you pay so we know where to send it to you 🙂 If you tick the “friends and family” box, we don’t get charged by PayPal. Good luck and “Happy Selfie-Ridging!”