Rocky and Gazelle – Have found their new home!


Rocky and Gazelle – Have found their new home!

Age 10 years
Male and Female


Gazelle used to live indoors but has been living outside for the past couple of years. She will need a little help with her toilet training to get her back into the routine of living indoors. She has lived with a wide variety of animals and is ok with cats. She travels well in the car and walks nicely on the lead….she just plods along. She is ok with older children and is a really friendly girl.

Once settled in with her new owners, Gazelle will need some surgery for the removal a mamary tumour the cost of which will be borne by us. 


Rocky is Gazelle’s boyfriend! He is neutered and is a gentle old soul. He keeps Gazelle company and as such we need to rehome this pair together.

Rocky, like Gazelle has lived outdoors for the past couple of years, but had lived indoors previously. He too will need a little help with getting back into the outdoor toilet regime, but since he had lived indoors it shouldn’t take too long to get him “back into it”. 

Rocky does have a small lump on his shoulder, but the vet was not concerned by this. Our gentle boy is happy and loves human affection, he has not lived with children but is ok with older children. He travels well in the car and he has good recall walking well on the lead.

Are you able to accomodate this gentle pair……….

18th June 2018

Re-Homed June 2018

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