Rehomed Ridgebacks - 2020

2020 .... and so we start again

We are thrilled that all the dogs we had looking for homes in 2019 were able to be matched with just the right new owners.  This put us in the position of starting 2020 with a brand new clean slate – no dogs waiting on 1st of January … but by 3rd January, that had already changed.  Often as a result of “Christmas Presents”, dogs find themselves being handed in when the novelty wears off – we always hope that the message of “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” gets through but sadly we are preparing ourselves for whatever comes our way.  We know that there will always be dogs and families who need our help through absolutely no fault of their own.  Situations where the dog is just not the right fit for the family or the family’s circumstances change beyond their control, and they are no longer able to give their dogs everything they need.  When this happens, we step in like furry match-makers and hope to find everything that each need with the welfare of the dogs that come to us always paramount in our minds.

For various reasons including confidentiality, not all of the dogs we help end up on our website, but below are some of our 2020 success stories.  Each one has their own tale, their own requirements and their own happy ending …. and these we love to share with you

JANUARY 2020 - Ziggy has brought a drop of Stardust to his new family

So many times the dogs we help haven’t put a paw wrong.  It’s simply that their guardian’s situations change meaning they cannot give their beloved companion the time or care they need and so they do the right thing and give them up for a better life.  Ziggy was in just such a situation.  He  is an absolutely gorgeous chap, inside and out, who adores children so it was on our list to try to keep things as familiar as possible for him and search for “the right family” with kids too … and what a new family he has.  Now the new running companion for Jo, best friend to the kids, and all round Prince of the Manor, Ziggy truly has brought a little stardust to his new family’s life and we simply couldn’t be happier.  Here’s to hours of fun and laughter ma’boy … you are going to have a ball.

JANUARY 2020 - Safiya and Salah get a new boyfriend!

This weekend this pair of lovlies found the perfect new family … and it comes with a ready-made boyfriend!!!  Salah and Safiya have been lucky enough to find a home with an experienced Ridgeback owner, in the heart of beautiful Cumbria and with a handsome resident GSD to play with too!  As soon as they met their new guardians, it was clear to see the affection from both sides and they quickly jumped in the car ready for their new life and new adventures.  Although their previous owner was heartbroken to let them go, sometimes it is the kindest thing and this was the case here … we know it was tough for her but are grateful that she put the needs of Salah and Safiya first.  Good luck in your new family ladies … although I know you won’t need it.

JANUARY 2020 - Millie is going to be one spoilt girl

We are thrilled that Mille has gone to her new home and will be spoilt as all Ridgies should by her new owners…..but first of all she wil need to go on a little diet to bring her back into shape, then who knows she could end up jogging or cycling with her new family.   Enjoy your new home Millie, we know you will be loved so much